Turf Landing Strip

HJouse Cub PA-11 barn houseHouse W view house barn from E  fenseTurf Landing Strip on the Flyin Survival Farm

This a pretty cool place to live in NW Washington.  Lots of green, privacy & quiet if that’s your thing.

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Hobby/Farm with Turf Airstrip

$397,950, 38+ Acres — Farm/Ranch w/Airstrip

Hobby Farm w/Turf Airstrip

Set your wheels down on your very own 1700+ foot Turf Airstrip in your field of dreams, like a mini Airpark. Horses welcome on this Hobby Farm w/Airstrip. This is a very private, gorgeous property just off the Skagit River. There is a creek on the south border, slough and 400 plus acre wildlife refuge on the west border.

The barn has it’s own 200 amp service, sewer hookups, water and phone.

If you would like to visit the Hobby Farm leave your contact information in the comment section or Call (206)595-1409

Morgan Creek, Turf Landing Strip on the Flyin Survival Farm

Morgan Creek on the Flyin Survival Farm

This is Morgan Creek, it borders the south side of the Flyin Survival Farm.  It crosses to my side of the road at the gate, about 500′ east of the barn and house.  This is a natural barrier, green belt between me and the road.  Very private and good noise most of the year.  The Turf Landing Strip is about 300′ to the right of the picture.



Turf Landing Strip on the Flyin Survival Farm

This is short, very short final on RWY 04.  On a more clear day you could see just the cap of Mount Baker.  But at this point your just trying to hold the airplane straight and not bounce much.  This is a very lush turf field, the runway is about to be mowed, as you can see, we get lots of horsey grass hay in a good season. This view also shows the sides of the field, as I mentioned before, the wind, when present runs either up or down the runway, no cross winds.


Mini AirPark Nice Home and Acreage

Turf Landing Strip on the Flyin Survival Farm

Mini AirPark Your own private Airstrip







Turf Landing Strip on the Mini AirPark.

This is the Aerial view looking South at the Turf Landing Strip on the Flyin Survival Farm.  The field is about 20 acres and lies just off the Skagit River, about 500′ wide.


A Walk Through the Airstrip Park

Flyin Survival Farm: The Airstrip Park

This is the trail out the back of the house on the Fly In Survival Farm.  As you can see the woods are beautful, even in Feburary.  The leaves haven’t come out yet, so you can see through the brush, once the leaves are out the woods are quite dense, exept on the trails.  This path goes North out through the woods and ends up, just under one/half mile, out by the wind sock.  A grass Airstrip must have a wind sock.  No cross winds here because of the high trees on both sides on the field, which is about 500′ wide.  Homebuilts, Classics and espically Tail-Draggers are welcome here. An added bonus is an open room just off the Master Bedroom that can be used as a Library or Studio.

West Border on the Fly In Survival Farm

Good air here on the Fly In Survival Farm.

Nature at its best


Slough looking South

This is one of the special places on the Fly In Survival Farm Land.  This property line goes right down the middle of the slough.  As you can see this is nature at it’s best, very green, very private, and super quiet.  This won’t, can’t ever change.  Had some airplane excitement a couple of days ago.  A friend of mine came in and landed in his Piper Cub, on skis on over 12″ of fluffy snow.  Snow is all gone now, three days later, airstrip and field back to green.  The field is sort of a sandy loam, no soft spots.


Flying In!

This is the sight you will see when you fly into your new farm. The little strip of darker green could be your runway to a field of dreams come true away from the big city. Seattle and other small cities and towns are only minutes away by air. By car you are 1 1/2 hours north of Seattle, 1 hour from Canada and just 1/2 hour to San Juan Islands and the Cascades.

You can choose to farm this land or not. The choice is up to you. This is land… and other than gold… nothing is a more valuable asset to hold in trying financial times like these. The price of land is down and this is a good time to buy farm land.

The landing field is approximately 1800 feet long.